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Darlene Skinner Zarosinski stands next to her National Show Entry " Space Odyssey" in the upper right corner of the photo at the 2004 National Show  juried by Nationally recognized artist Jan Kunz.

Darlene Skinner Zarosinski has been very involved with the Klamath Falls Arts Scene for 43+ years while she has lived in the Klamath Falls area.  She has been involved with the Klamath Art Association as a exhibits chairperson, treasurer, publicity for exhibits and classes which were taught at the KAA.  Classes were taught by local artists in the community and nationally renowned artists. Many of the classes were taught at the Moore House during her 15 years on the KAA Board of Directors.  She currently  has many of her paintings hanging in the Favell Museum which are for sale.  The Favell museum is next door to the current Klamath Art Association Art Gallery in Klamath Falls, Oregon. 

Darlene was a founding partner in Gallery 803 for 23 years beginning in the Fall of 1975.  Darlene was president of Gallery 803 for eight different sessions.  She was on the Board of Partners for 20 + years. She left Gallery 803 to focus more on creating her paintings and spending less time managing the gallery. 

Darlene describes her painting as having evolved from detailed landscapes to abstract naturalistic expressionism.  " I feel my original watercolors are very vibrant, rythmic, spiritual and love filled works of art which are a reflection of my inner self I feel I am a  happy, joyful, spiritual individual at peace.  Teaching watercolor, aqua media and color theory the past 25 years to hundreds of students has been a special joy for me and I hope I have added to the cultural beauty in our area."

Darlene Skinner Zarosinski
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